How Can You Best Support Your Coaches? Invest In Their Continued Development with The Catalyst School

Your job as an athletic director is difficult. Let us take something off of your plate and provide world-class coaching education and development.

Your Job As An Athletic Director Is Stressful and Difficult, Especially In Today's Athletic Environment.

With everything you deal with behind the scenes – fundraising, budgets, scheduling, hiring/firing, academics, eligibility, conflicts with parents, discipline, etc. – there is little time left to provide quality professional development for your coaches.

I want to help take some of that burden off of your plate by providing highly effective training for ALL of your coaches. That way you know they are getting the highest quality coaching development which equates to more wins, better culture, and better relationships with players. 

Real Coaching Problems Are Solved Here

What Can The Catalyst School Do For Your Coaches?

No Matter The Issues Your Coaches Are Having, We Will Provide A Plan To Solve Them!

Enhanced Connection with Players

The human connection with our players is the most important thing we have.

Understanding Your Players & Who they are as Competitors

What are the competitive personalities of your players? During competition, who is going to show up?

Plans for Player development

Do you have plans for the development of each player in your program or organization? If not, why don't you?


You need a system for holding players, coaches, and yourself accountable. Especially in today's coaching climate, accountability with athlete's is HUGE!

Leaving a Legacy

Legacy is not just how you want to be remembered. It is also how you impact the young people you coach. At a banquet at the end of your life, what do you want people to say about you?

Philosophy and System Development

If you don't have a coaching philosophy or system, then you are just flying by the seat of your pants hoping that the next trick or gadget will make the difference.

Motivating Players That Are Tough To Reach

I have a lot of success with this given my psychological background. I have helped countless numbers of coaches motivate players who they thought were unreachable or uncoachable.

Lead through Adversity and Chaos

In the course of a season and career, you will experience adversity and chaos. Your players look to you in those times. How do you lead them through?

What All Is Included In Catalyst School?

You and your coaches will get the full array of coaching development. We provide TWO unique coaching development tools within Catalyst School. Catalyst School LIVE is live, weekly coaching with Dr. Bhrett McCabe. Catalyst School Masterclass is on-demand, virtual training that coaches can utilize at their convenience. Your coaches will have access to BOTH options!


Catalyst School LIVE
  • LIVE, weekly coaching calls focusing on a new topic every week
  • Hours of exclusive past coaching sessions only available to Catalyst School LIVE members
  • Exclusive interviews and discussions between Bhrett and some of the highest-achieving coaches and leaders in the world

On-demand, self-paced coaching

Catalyst School Masterclass
  • Access to the 8-phase CATALYST Coaches Model for on-demand, self-paced coaching
  • 43-page corresponding workbook with an extensive deep-dive on each topic area.
  • Additional PDF and video resources uploaded to enhance coaching development

Do you have any questions about Catalyst School offerings? Let us know! We will be happy to assist.

Coaches spend way too much time on the physical part and Xs and Os of their sport. They don't spend enough time DEVELOPING PEOPLE. The best, most elite coaches have a system and philosophy that guides their program and player development! Help your coaches enhance theirs.

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provide your coaches the tools they need

Your coaches will get the systems and strategies taught by Dr. Bhrett McCabe to NCAA and professional coaches across the country. Because of Bhrett’s background as a sports psychologist, all principles are based on sound behavioral change material.

watch them experience huge success

With the knowledge and strategies gained from The Catalyst School and Dr. McCabe, not only will your coaches see huge success on the field and in developing better relationships with players, but they will also coach stress-free.

Better coaching education

Better culture & connection with players

Better results

Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Founder of Catalyst School
Coaching Consultant to Numerous Pro & NCAA Power 5 Coaches

A Coach Will Impact More People In A Year Than The Average Person Does In A Lifetime!

Dr. Bhrett McCabe Wants Your Coaches To Make Sure They Are Taking Advantage Of This Tremendous Opportunity To Change Lives!

  • Performance Psychologist for The University of Alabama Coaches and Athletes
  • Consultant to numerous NCAA Division I programs including Florida State, Cincinnati, and more
  • Sports Psychologist to 12 PGA Tour players and several coaches
  • Speaker and consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies

Programs & Coaches Dr. Bhrett McCabe Has Worked With

Within Bhrett’s work as a Sports and Performance Psychologist, he is fortunate to consult with some of the highest-achieving programs and companies in the country. These great organizations are behind some of the great inspiration and real-world examples shared in Catalyst School.

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